7 Soothing Tips For Baby Eczema

Mom and babyNo question about it, baby eczema is uncomfortable for Mom and Baby. Fortunately, many helpful ideas exist for soothing dry skin in newborn babies. Consider the following 7 tips:

1. Bathe your baby every day with mild, fragrance-free soap. As little as fifteen minutes of bath time can work wonders. The warm water will add moisture to the skin as well as rid the skin’s surface of the bacteria that contributes to the irritation. Be sure the water is warm and not hot as hot water dries out the skin.  Some moms are religious about putting lotion on their baby right after bath time to lock in the moisture and provide relief. Look for lotions that are hypoallergenic and work with lipid replacement of the skin’s barrier.

2. Clip your baby’s fingernails often. Scratching can further irritate or damage the skin. If possible, cover your baby’s hands with lightweight mittens during the night while your baby sleeps. Also at night, try to use only light, cotton bedding and keep your baby’s room cool since heat incites itchiness.

3. Dress your baby in comfortable, loose-fitting, cotton clothing that breathes easily. Wool and synthetic fibers, specifically, cause unnecessary irritation to someone with a skin condition. Whenever you can, wear cotton clothing yourself since your baby’s skin will come in contact with your clothing when cuddling or playing together. At the end of the day, wash your baby’s clothes–and yours–with a gentle detergent. Harsh detergents only exasperate the problem. Avoid dryer sheets altogether.  

4. Don’t manage the eczema by yourself. Talk to your baby’s pediatrician about what creams or ointments should be used. Not all babies with eczema are good candidates for medication, but your doctor may be able to prescribe some helpful anti-itch cream. Remember to continue using prescribed creams or ointments even on days when your baby’s skin looks good. Sometimes the best strategy for managing dry skin is being proactive with treatment before the skin is visibly irritated.

5. Avoid eczema triggers. As a rule of thumb, use only fragrance-free products in the home while dealing with a baby dry skin rash. Look for sneaky fragrances in products like shampoo, sunscreen, or baby wipes. Also, try to keep pets out of the baby’s room as much as possible since shedding can trigger discomfort.  

6. Use a humidifier. Adding moisture to the air–especially during the winter months when eczema is at its worst–will help keep symptoms in check.

7. Keep a journal. Make notes about when and what triggers your baby the most. You may notice that certain foods or activities cause your baby to react strongly. A surprising number of parents have discovered that their child’s eczema was actually triggered by a food allergy. Take thorough notes and discuss them with your baby’s pediatrician. He or she may choose to test for certain allergies.  

Take heart. Dry skin in newborn babies is not an indication that your child will deal with eczema for the entirety of his or her life. Many children outgrow eczema by the time they reach school age. Fortunately, in the meantime you can do many things to help alleviate the symptoms and help your baby stay comfortable.

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+Dr.Lee  Eberting is a board certified dermatologist and is a past fellow of the National Institutes of Health, who blogs regularly at cherylleemd.com

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Understanding The New Tier Intervention System And Your Child

Struggling students often have a really hard time getting caught up, and that is because the teachers and parents do not know exactly what the student needs to get them up to the proper grade level.  In math the latest trend has been the tier intervention system, a tool that helps the student’s teachers and parents understand the situation and know what level of assistance best suits the student’s needs.  The tier system is very simple to understand and it can help prevent wasted time and energy.

Tier 1

Students at the Tier 1 level are almost up to par with the rest of the class, but there are still some concepts that elude them.  While this is nothing to panic about right away, because everything in math is based off of what you learned before, ignoring the problem only magnifies it further down the line.  Tier 1 assistance is driven largely by the teacher and it is done primarily in the regular classroom setting.  Assessment will show whether or not the student is underperforming, and if a student needs some extra help, the teacher can take a little bit of time to give clarification to the topics the student does not understand.  In more extreme cases the student may even be moved to another teacher with a different teaching method that matches better with the student’s learning style.

Tier 2

Students at the Tier 2 level struggle to keep even close to where their classmates are with their understanding of mathematical concepts.  These students tend to be C students at best, and they are in danger of falling through the cracks if they are not given some kind of help.  Parents and teachers need to meet to discuss the student’s progress at this point, and most of the time some small group study will be recommended to fill in some of the gaps.  The small groups, usually a study group or after school tutoring session bridge the gap between what the students are able to understand in the classroom and what they need to learn to move on.  Small groups keep these students from slowing down the pace of the rest of the class and allow the instructor to continue to present new material as needed.

Tier 3

Students at the Tier 3 level are in crisis mode.  These are students who have not been able to keep up with the most basic concepts that they are learning about, and they are at the highest risk for failing not just their current course, but other math classes down the line.  At this point parents have to take on third party programs like Masteryed to give the kind of personalized and intense level of support that the student needs.  Many times parents will discover that their child does not have even the most rudimentary math skills and the instruction will have to cover things that the child should have learned years ago.  The process may take months to get the student caught up, but when it happens, the student will have the foundational knowledge that they need to succeed in math classes in the future.

The new intervention rankings give teachers and parents a better tool to communicate about the level of assistance a student needs.  By offering more options and concrete paths forward, the tier system should provide some positive results for all parties involved.

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I am Alex Evans and I have been teaching math for eight years.  I am a big supporter of the tier system and I want others to know how it works.

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5 Tips For Finding The Cheapest Baby Shops

The number of baby shops both online and offline have more than doubled in Australia over the past decade. The growing number of shops is mainly owing to the fact that people find it very easy to buy everything they need from one store. The ‘everything under one roof’ concept also allows for store owners to sell a lot more without having to increase their overhead. However, the growing number of stores have also meant that almost every store has their own pricing procedures, and there are some stores that sell exceptionally expensive products catering to the high end market. This is what confuses many regular people who just want to save money on everyday baby products. If you are one of these people then the below tips should help you find what you want at a low price.

Tip no. 1: Choose to shop online

Online baby shops happen to be a lot cheaper than their offline counterparts. The reason for this is mainly because online stores have less overhead, up to 60% less overhead compared to offline or traditional stores. This allows for online stores to offer a much lower pricing structure. That said you shouldn’t just buy online based on the assumption that they will be cheap because they are equally expensive online stores too. Mostly stores that have a physical location will offer pretty much the same prices as offline stores. So, you’ll want to buy your baby products from an online store that is fully online with no physical outlet or store, this way you know that they are saving in the way of overhead.

Tip no. 2: Comparison shopping

The best way to find the lowest prices is to do some comparison shopping. Once you have decided to buy your items online the next obvious step would be to compare all leading online stores. However, just a simple comparison of all the prices will not suffice because you’ll need to compare individual products which are of importance to you in order to find the lowest prices. For instance if you’re searching for a ‘Babylove convertible car seat’, you’ll need to compare the prices for this particular product across all leading stores. The store with the lowest price will also often be offering other items at a particularly low price too. The only other thing you should keep in mind is shipping prices. There are some online baby shops that charge for shipping so it would be a good idea to add the cost of shipping (if it’s charged separately) into the equation.

Tip no. 3: Use a discount voucher

Many online baby shops also accept discount vouchers. These vouchers are usually sent to subscribers via email whom then either decide to use the voucher for their purchase or they may decide to exchange the voucher for something they can use via a number of online exchange sites. However, these vouchers while offering up to a 25% discount on all or most baby products are hard to find. So, the best way to get these vouchers is to sign up for the online store’s newsletter. You will need to enter in your name and email address to sign up. If you have previously purchased baby products them then you’ve probably signed up by default.

Tip no. 4: Ask for a bulk discount

Baby shops online like www.gracebaby.com.au may not necessarily mention that they offer bulk discounts but when trying to figure out where to buy this can help shorten your list considerably. Email the stores you are considering and ask how much of a purchase would they consider as a bulk purchase and what is the discount they would offer. Factor this into your decision making process since it can slash the price per unit of an item considerably.

Tip no. 5: Don’t buy the extended warranty

Many online baby shops will try and sell you an extended warranty which is around 10% of the price. In most cases baby products already come with a manufacturer’s warranty which should suffice. But when factoring in the price you’ll need to check if a store offers an extended warranty by default. Scratch off this factor from your calculation when comparing rates.

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Manu Alias has been selling baby products for over a decade. He is an expert of everything baby related and has a degree in marketing and advertising. His experience coupled with his own work experience allows him to offer some of the best baby products via his baby shops which are currently among the top five in the industry. Gracebaby in Facebook

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Be Aware Of Children’s Toy Recalls

Parents, family members, and friends buy baby toys with the best of intentions.  We want our babies to have the best baby products that our money can buy.  We want our babies to grow up intelligent and capable; we buy baby products designed to stimulate their intelligence.  What if the baby products or baby toys that are purchased are defective?  How will you know?  Do all recalls get announced on the evening news?  

What Is The Purpose Of A Recall?

Recalls exist for the purpose of protecting your baby.  Companies have a responsibility to manufacture products that are safe for consumers.  Babies and small children are particularly helpless since they can’t make the decision on whether or not something is necessarily dangerous.  Parents must be educated on the risks and know when recalls occur.

Like any product that is made, the potential for defect exists in baby toys.  There are several types of defects that exist.  One defect is called a manufacturing defect.  That means that something happened during the time the product was made in the factory.  A current example of a manufacturing defect would be the recently recalled baby rattles manufactured by Midwest-CBK, LLC.  They issued a voluntary recall of their rattles on January 22, 2014.  They cited that the head of the animal shaped rattle could come off and cause a choking hazard.  It could be that particular machines were faulty.  It could be that the thread they purchased for the assembly of these rattles was weak.  Many things can cause this type of defect.

Defining Product Defectiveness 

A design defect doesn’t just affect one particular set of toys (like the rattles above).  A design defect causes danger because the entire design of a product is faulty.  In July 2013, Baby Einstein recalled their Musical Motion Activities Jumper.  More than 60 babies were injured.  One baby received a skull fracture.  These injuries could be the result of a faulty product design.  Of course, it could be that the plastic used for the product wasn’t great quality.  Do not leave your child alone in a walker, bouncer, or any other type of baby exercise product.  An injury can happen quicker than you think.  It’s not always easy to tell if a product is defective.

Warning defect is a third category.  This is type of defect means that a warning label did not issue a complete warning or that a warning label doesn’t exist, but it should.  Warnings for children could include warnings about a toy being a choking hazard.  Do not leave your child alone with small toys or toys with small pieces.  

How To Stay Aware As A Parent

Although major products such as those by Baby Einstein may be announced on the evening news, smaller companies often aren’t announced.  The best way to educate your family about recalled baby products by performing an Internet search.  Many reputable parenting and baby sites keep an up to date list of recalls.  

If a baby product or toy you own is defective, the first thing to do is return it according to the recall instructions.  If your baby was injured by the product, contact an experienced product liability attorney.  Injury isn’t always preventable, but with due diligence in research, you can reduce the risk.  

Robin is a writer for The McMinn Law Firm, a person injury law firm in Austin, Texas.  Robin has always tried to stay up to date with product recalls for her own safety.  

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Buying Baby Products? Don’t Forget About Product Liability

Flawed or hazardous products are the grounds of thousands of injuries each year in the United States. “Product liability law,” the legal rules involving who is liable for flawed or hazardous products, is different from normal injury law, and this series of rules in some way makes it simpler for an injured person to recuperate damages.

Product liability means that a manufacturer or seller is held responsible for putting a flawed product into a consumer’s hands. Accountability for a product defect that brings about injury remains with every seller of the product who is in the distribution chain. Possibly responsible parties consist of the following:

  • The product manufacturer

  • A manufacturer of component parts

  • The wholesaler

  • The retailer that sold the product to the consumer

In universal terms, the law demands that a product satisfy the normal prospects of the consumer. When a product, has an unforeseen flaw or hazard, the product cannot be revealed to fulfill the normal prospects of the consumer.

There is no federal product liability law. Usually, product liability claims are established on state laws and brought under the theories of negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty. Additionally, a series of commercial statutes in every state, formed on the Uniform Commercial Code, will consist of warranty rules influencing product liability.

Liable Parties

For product liability to happen, the product must have been sold in the marketplace. In the past, a predetermined relationship, identified as “privity of contract,” had to be present between the person harmed by a product and the supplier of the product in order for the injured person to recuperate. Any individual who unexpectedly could have been harmed by a flawed product can recuperate for his or her injuries, providing that the product was sold to someone.

Responsibility for a product defect could lay with any party in the product’s chain of distribution like the manufacturer, wholesalers, a retail seller of the product, and a party who puts together, or sets up the product. For strict liability to be relevant, the sale of a product must be made in the standard course of the supplier’s company. Therefore, someone who sells a product at a garage sale would possibly not be responsible in a product liability action.

Kinds of Product Defects

Under any theory of liability, a plaintiff in a product liability case must establish that the product that brought about the injury was flawed, and that the defect made the product excessively hazardous. There are three kinds of defects that may bring about injury and result in manufacturer or supplier liability:

  • Design defects exist in a product from the start, even prior to it being manufactured, in that something in the product’s design is naturally dangerous.

  • Manufacturing defects are those that happen in the sequence of a product’s manufacture or construction.

  • Marketing defects are defects in the manner that a product is marketed like inappropriate labeling, deficient instructions, or scarce safety warnings.

Inevitably Dangerous Products

By their description, a few products just cannot be made more harmless without losing their effectiveness. It is normally thought that, regarding such products, users and consumers are the best prepared to reduce danger. Therefore, while a product may not be regarded as impractically hazardous, manufacturers and suppliers of inevitably dangerous products must offer appropriate warnings of the hazards and perils of their products so that consumers can make educated choices concerning whether to use them.

Jeecole is a blogger for The Kyle Law Firm in New Braunfels, Texas. She wants to know who is liable if she encounters a defective product. 

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What Do I Need To Look Out For In School Supplies?

Keeping Safe In the Classroom: School Supplies You Need to Watch Out For

When we think of a classroom usually we think of safety, fun and learning. However, if you’re a parent you need to think about the safety of the supplies that your child is using. For instance, you’ll want to make sure the products are safe for them and aren’t made of out dangerous materials that could become hazardous to the health of your child.

In this article we’re going to cover what you need to watch out for in the items you’re buying for your child’s education, as well as the steps you can take to minimize your child’s exposure to toxic or harmful chemicals.  

By minimizing your child’s exposure to toxic chemicals you’ll allow them to live happier and healthier lives, which are less burdened by illness. A small investment now is a large investment into your child’s future.

The Center for Health and Environmental Justice produced a study last year concluded that most school supplies that are purchased today contains come amount of toxic material, which pose a risk to younger children. The main material to watch out for is vinyl. 

Vinyl is in most lunch boxes and even backpacks. This material contains a chemical called phthalates, which are dangerous when exposed to young children. They are added to certain fabrics and materials to make them softer.

The negative side of these materials, is that they’re linked to respiratory and reproductive issues in young children.

This toxic substance is permissible in certain amounts, and there’s a certain standard that most children’s toys have to adhere to. However, most of the school supplies that were tested during this study, including backpacks, binders, and even clothing such rain boots and rain jackets, contained a significantly high amount of phthalates.  

How can I minimize my child exposure to these materials?

There are a few ways you can keep your child safe from these harmful chemicals. For instance, you can make sure to buy more natural and organic school supplies for your child. Although these might not be the name brand items that your child is used to, they will have a more positive impact on their health in the long-run. 

You can also ask your school teacher, if she provides materials  for the students, to purchase more health friendly items. You can even set up a fund with the other parents in your class, to help with purchasing new school supplies. That way you’re not only contributing to the health of your child, but the health of the other children in the class as well. 

I hope this article has been helpful and you have a better understanding of how you can minimize your child’s expose to harmful chemicals that are present in school supplies. Part of being a parent is watching out for the overall health and well-being of your child. School supplies are normally not thought about in regards to health, however the way these supplies are produced today scan actually be limiting to your child. 



Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Colley and Colley, LLP, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane thinks school supplies are surprisingly dangerous.

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Tips For A Baby Girl’s Nursery

Decorating a nursery for your child is always exciting whether it is your first child or not. There are so many lovely décor ideas out there that can make the room more practical and enhance the development of the child. Wall decor

If you know your baby is going to be a girl then here are some lovely decorative tips for the nursery.

Get Good Storage Space

You will most likely have a changing table in the nursery and thus you need to have some proper storage space for the essential items.

You want to have some nappies, baby powder and simple cloths at hand in the nursery at all times and stocking up with these is essential.

You’ll quickly start getting more toys and clothes as well so be prepared to have room for them on time. Having a few lovely wardrobes that allow you to place the essentials is going to save you from a lot of hassle once you and the baby get settled at home.

Keep It Colourful

Even though you know the nursery is going to be for a baby girl you don’t want to just include different shades of reds for the room. It is important that the child is surrounded with colourful things and you want to include as many as you can.

There are plenty of great colourful design ideas to go with. Mix and match a few colours but keep the main colours light and subtle. Having a subtler wall colour will help the baby sleep better than a really bright red wall colour.

Make It Safe

The major thing to take care of in a nursery is safety. You need to ensure that the room is a good environment for the baby to grow and that you don’t need to worry about safety issues when you put the child on the floor to play, for example.

There are plenty of excellent tips at the Bump’s website. It is a good idea to use the article as a reference point to ensure you have all the main points covered.

Use Quirky Wall Décor

You should also go for some lovely wall décor in the nursery. This adds a lot more personality for the room and makes it really stand out as a nursery. There are many different options you could with the décor.

A new really fun idea is to get some wall decals suitable for nurseries. These are sort of like big wall stickers that are really easy to install and remove. You can find plenty of wall decals for children’s rooms on the internet. Look for Wall Art website, for example.

You could also create a lovely Scrabble inspired wall decoration. You can purchase these tiles or even create them yourself by painting on some small canvases. Make sure that you add some colour with your wall décor and make it as playful as possible.

The above tips can help you create a lovely nursery for a baby girl. The key is to prepare well in advance so that you have it all ready once the baby’s arrival gets closer.

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Emma is a mother of three who loves to create more playful areas for the children to enjoy their time. She is also really passionate about doing crafts and loves to do her own toys and decorations.

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5 Interesting Facts About Dolls

Dolls have been a central part of children’s toy collections for many years. The doll industry is really huge and there are all kinds of different doll models out there. Dolls these days also come with plenty of accessories and have even gotten their own TV-shows. If you want to know a little bit more about dolls then here are five interesting facts about them.


1. Long History

Dolls have a really long history. The earliest Japanese dolls dates all the way back to 2000BC, for instance. This means that humans have long been making dolls as decorative piece and personal entertainment.

Even the first articulated dolls have been found from as early on as the 200BC. There is also plenty of evidence to suggest that little children who have died young have been buried together with doll like figures since ancient times.

2. Something For The Boys

Boys also got their hands in on the fun in the 1960s. The doll for boys was a G.I Joe action figure and it got its inspiration from the Barbie dolls, which were aimed at girls. The creator of this action figure Stan Weston wanted to achieve the same popularity with the toy as Barbie had previously. The doll was called action figure instead of a doll in order to appeal for young boys more.

Neatorama website has some interesting facts about the G.I Joe action figure and it is worth reading the article. Action figures are now really popular among boys and there are plenty of these dolls available.

3. Repair Hospitals

Something that tells how much we care about our dolls is the fact that there are doll hospitals for damaged dolls. You can use them to get your dolls repaired back to pristine condition. The oldest of these hospitals is found in Lisbon, Portugal. It has been repairing dolls ever since 1830.

4. Worthy Investment

Dolls aren’t only for playtime these days either. There are many collectable dolls out there that can provide you a good rate of return for the investment as well. Plenty of unique doll makers are creating a lot of good-looking dolls that you can start collecting. In a few years time these could be valued higher.

The most expensive doll on the market is the L’Oiseleur, which is also known as the Bird Trainer. It is worth $6.25 billion.

5. The Famous One

Barbie dolls are probably the most famous dolls of all time. The first Barbie doll was sold in 1959 and it was sold for just $4. It is also estimated that one Barbie is sold somewhere in the world every three seconds.

There have been plenty of Barbie-related controversies as well. For example, Mattel, which is the creator of Barbie dolls, sued the Danish pop group Aqua for their song called Barbie Girl. They didn’t win the case.

The above five facts are something fun to know about dolls. Dolls are great toys but they are also really nice to keep around to house as a decoration. With the long history it is very likely that dolls are going to stay around for a long time.

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Kathy is really interested in dolls and loves to find out more about the history of this great toy. She is also very much into the ancient Egyptian culture and has visited the country for four times already.

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Baby’s First Trip To The Dentist

Even though baby teeth don’t stick around forever, it’s important to keep your baby’s gums and teeth healthy to set the stage for their adult teeth. It is never too early to start teaching your child about the importance of oral hygiene. Most dentists suggest taking your child to their first dental appointment by their first birthday. This may seem a bit early, but cavities are more common in preschool-aged children than ever.

Your child’s first dental visit will help you learn about your child’s oral health and discuss these topics:

  • How to care for your infant’s teeth.

  • Proper fluoride use.

  • Your child’s oral habits such as thumb sucking.

  • How to prevent accidents that could damage teeth.

  • How to help your child while they are teething.

  • The link between diet and oral health.

How To Choose A Dentist

If your dentist is experienced with young children, this should probably be your first choice. You can also consider taking your infant to a pediatric dentist – someone who has additional training in caring for young children’s oral health. They will know how to deal with young children in the dental chair and the office will probably be catered to younger children with distractions such as toys and stuffed animals.

Preparing For Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Your child’s first trip to the dentist is mainly for you to learn about your child’s oral health and how to care for your child’s unique needs to avoid oral health issues in the future. So, before you go to your dentist appointment, have a list of questions prepared for your dentist about what you want to know and what you should expect as your child grows older.

Every child deals with the dentist differently. Your child may really enjoy going to the dentist and warm up to them quickly, or they may throw a tantrum and try to wiggle their way out of the dental chair. Just make sure you’re prepared for either situation. It may help if you bring your child’s favorite blanket or toy to provide a sense of familiarity and security for them at the dentist’s office. To make your visit easier, ask the dentist’s office to mail you all the forms you have to fill out prior to your appointment.

What To Expect

Your child’s first dental visit should be fairly short and informal. The dentist will check for any tooth decay and examine your child’s gums, jaw, and teeth. They will talk to you about your child’s oral health including:

  • Development.

  • Teething.

  • Soft tissues such as gums and teeth.

  • Factors that affect the risk of cavities such as diet, hygiene practices, and fluoride use.

  • How to prevent trauma to your child’s mouth.

Your dentist may clean your child’s teeth depending on their condition. This may occur if your child has any stains that commonly occur in infants.

After The Appointment

After leaving your child’s first dental appointment, you should have a clear idea of your child’s development, your responsibilities, and your child’s likelihood of having problems with cavities. Based on the condition of your child’s oral health, your dentist will let you know when to make your next appointment. Most dentists suggest children visit the dentist every six months.

Trisha Banks is a blogger for Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry in Lakeway, Texas. Trisha wants to know why it’s important to teach kids about oral health at a young age. 

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Baby Toys To Avoid

Baby Toys to Avoid – Protect Your Child From Getting Harmed by a Toy

The joy children have when they open a present is contagious. You almost want to just keep giving them gifts to see the excitement remain on their faces. Whether you’re a grandparent, family friend, uncle, parent or aunt like me it can be really hard to not spoil the children in your life with presents. You almost began to see toys the way children would and anything that may put a smile on a child’s face seems worthy enough to buy. 

However as an adult it is also my responsibility to make sure any of the toys i’m giving, are safe to be used. Just last year, nearly 200,000 children were injured by toys and 13 were killed. In my opinion, even one child dying from a toy or being injured from a play thing is too much. Toys aren’t supposed to be weapons or dangerous. Toys are supposed to be fun, and safe for children to use. Although in 2005 the Child Safety Protection Act was passed that makes sure toy manufacturers are held responsible for any harmful toys. There are still dangerous toys on the market that children should avoid.

I know that toy creators and manufacturers need to make money so they put out products that will profit them. However, if a toy is going to harm a child’s life then that shouldn’t be allowed to be marketed as “safe” for children. You don’t want to realize after it’s too late that a toy had toxic paint or there was a part of the toy that could be easily choked on. Sadly, safety measures aren’t passed until after an incident has happened, which is too late. If you’re child has choked, suffocated or been injured because of a toy then you have a personal injury lawsuit on your hands. Filing a lawsuit is important to not only to reprimand the toy company, but to make people know that they have to take more precautions when it comes to the safety of toys for children. Compensation from a claim can also help with medical bills and any other expenses that have accrued if your child was injured.

Harmful Aspects in Toys

  • Toys with toxic substance like lead or phthalates

  • Toys with parts that can be swallowed or choked on

  • Toys that affect hearing because of unnecessary loud noises

  • Toys with powerful magnets that can be easily swallowed

2012 Recalled Toys

A number of toys have been recalled in 2012 and from previous years, but here are a few that have been recently recalled that you should avoid.

  • Lee Carter Co Infant Rattles – Rattle handle is small enough to choke on

  • Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper – The sun attachment can cause impact hazard when pulled.

  • Add Sassy Hug N’ Tug Baby Toys – The beads in the plastic sphere come out easily and can cause a choking hazard

  • Manhattan Group Starry Time Rattles – Clear spheres break easily and are dangerous for children to play with

  • Rhino Toys OBalls Links & Mini Rattles – C-links on the end of the plastic chain can break off which are choking hazards

If you have any recalled toys you can look up the product and get a full refund back. Make sure to remove any of these toys from your children’s toys box and get them safe toys you can feel comfortable with them to play with. You don’t want your child injured from a toy and have to deal with the effects of that. However, if your child has been injured you can protect you and your child’s rights by getting a personal injury attorney to represent you.

Victoria Cairo is a blogger for Loewy Law Firm in Austin, Texas. She loves buying fun toys for her nieces but knows that safety is priority when it comes to children.

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