Great Gift Ideas for a Baby’s First Birthday

It’s hard to buy gifts for kids at any age; they tend to be pickier than adults. If you’ve been invited to a baby’s first birthday party, though, things are a little easier because babies love just about anything new. Here are some never-fail great gift ideas for any baby’s first birthday.

First Birthday Party

A Push Toy

Most babies are walking or almost walking by their first birthday. They’re not too steady on their feet yet, but they love their new independence. A push toy is a great gift idea because they’ll love pushing it around as they walk behind it. Push toys come in all different shapes and sizes, from wagons to elephants, and some even make noise or play music when they’re being pushed.

Toy Instruments

Another thing that one-year-old babies love is making noise. Even though it might drive their parents crazy, they’ll love a toy instrument or a toy band set. From banging on the drums to shaking a tambourine, no kid can resist trying to make their own music. Music is also particularly beneficial to their development at this age.

Bath Toys

Now that the babies are older, they appreciate bath time a lot more than they did previously. They can sit upright in the bath without too much squirming, and they love to splash. Some fun, colorful bath toys are a great present that every baby would be able to use.

A Savings Bond

While it won’t thrill and excite a baby now, a savings bond is a great investment in their future. Their parents will certainly appreciate it. With the economy as it is, not everyone can afford to save a lot, and the price of college continues to rise. A savings bond is a very practical gift.

Personalized Blanket

When babies turn one, they may also start sleeping with a blanket in their crib, and many kids love blankets for the feelings of comfort and security they provide. A big and soft blanket that’s personalized with the baby’s name is a great gift idea.

Gift Card

You can’t go wrong with a gift card. It’s another present that just the parents will love because it allows them to buy exactly what they need or want for their one-year-old. There’s always something that the baby didn’t get or could use, and a gift card will allow them to buy it after the party.

Bubble Blower

Babies are fascinated by bubbles. At one year of age they can’t blow their own, but they love to watch them and chase after them. However, continuous bubble-blowing is exhausting for parents. You can make everyone happy with an automatic bubble blower that will send hordes of bubbles into the air.


Babies go through clothes so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. You can get a one-year-old a few nice outfits that they currently fit into, or ones that they’ll fit into eventually. Perhaps a fancy outfit like a suit or nice dress, or something related to the current season, like a bathing suit or a coat. If you know the baby’s shoe size, you can also get them a pair of good walking or learning-to-walk shoes.

Ashley Cole is a stay at home mother, avid gardener, and freelance blogger who loves writing about children and marriage. She is currently attempting a pool resurfacing and is having quite a bit of trouble!

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