About Us

Having a newborn baby is a very precious godsend gift for us. As a parent, we always wish to reserve the best for our baby. Besides fundamental care, we love to give our child to grow up in healthy environment.

Back to few years ago, I was really shocked when news released that many toys import from China were tainted and contain lead paint which were endangered baby safety.

By that time I have bought some newborn toys made from China as well for my little child to play around. I then immediate have them threw away in order to protect my baby child.

soft baby toys

I was then getting confuse on how can I ensure of my baby safety with the toys that I buy for her? I do a lot of researches online, reading articles, check on different toy websites for such information.

Luckily after many hours consumed online, I managed to gather lot of useful toys information which can safeguard my little child.

From there on, I only went to the recommended reliable toy shops to buy toys. I even purchase online for toy websites and online toy merchants which got lot of positive reviews. Since many parents been purchase online and reviewed on the toys that they bought for their babies, This can’t make me wrong for choosing some babies toys that are not safe or of bad quality.

With this softbabytoys website, I would like to share with you all on some soft baby toys as well as educational toys and games which I think is good for your babies. For toys that you not sure whether is it safe to give to your baby to play with, I urge you to check through the toy boxes for more information and get rid of any toys that may prove hazardous. You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of children.